So You’re Moving Out A Quick & Easy Guide to Being a Good Neighbor

April 28, 2017

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As the semester comes to an end, Chapman University is committed to assisting our student’s smooth transition into summer. This is especially important for our students living off-campus in the surrounding neighborhoods.

In a joint effort, Chapman University’s Office of Community Relations and the Office of Sustainability in partnership with the Student Government Association (SGA) published a document — entitled So You’re Moving Out — and disseminated it widely on campus. Our goal in producing this effort was simple: provide accessible information for students living off-campus in order to minimize waste left behind in the community and also donate usable items to worthwhile local causes.

Our distribution plan:

  • Flyer will be emailed to all students from Dean Jerry Price
  • Flyer will be posted online on web pages for Residence Life, Sustainability, and Community Relations
  • Specific outreach will be targeted towards on-campus clubs and those within the Greek Life community
  • SGA will do additional outreach to students directly



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