Questions & Answers Below are frequently asked questions from the community about Chapman University.

Q.  What is the status of the University’s Specific Plan update?

A.  The processing of the Specific Plan update has been extended to allow the University time to meet with residents and community leaders to alleviate neighborhood concerns. Chapman University wants to work closely with the city and our neighbors, and we sincerely want to be a good neighbor ourselves. Click here to learn about the Neighborhood Advisory Committee that has been formed.

The Specific Plan is a planning document that guides the allowable enhancements to campus buildings and grounds. The Chapman University Specific Plan was originally adopted by the City of Orange in 1989 and a comprehensive update was adopted in 2004. The updated document that is currently under discussion would guide future building efforts over the next 15 to 20 years.

Q.  What is the status of other building projects?

A.  Current projects under construction include the Center for Science and Technology and the Erin J. Lastinger Tennis Center. The Campus Planning Page on the University’s website has additional information on these important projects.

Q.  What is the University doing to increase on-campus student housing?

A. There are many projects currently underway with regard to the increase of on-campus student housing. 

Villa Park Orchard Residence Hall: Located at the northwest corner of the intersection of West Palm Avenue and North Cypress Street, this project is nearing the final stages of entitlement and design review with the City of Orange. As proposed, it is expected to include about 400+ beds. The conceptual design by the architectural firm Togawa Smith Martin, Inc. echoes the industrial character of the historic area. Depending upon planning approvals, occupancy could be as soon as fall 2019. 

Panther Village II: The University recently purchased vacant land adjacent to Panther Village, located on West Chapman Avenue near Interstate 5. Two development options are being considered. One concept calls for demolition of the existing Panther Village, formerly a low-rise hotel, and combining it with the newly-purchased lot for development of a high-density student village. The other would leave the former hotel intact and develop a less dense project, only on the new property. Both concepts and the potential financing of each are being studied by University administrators and the Board of Trustees

North Residence Hall: Replacement of the 45-year-old residence halls on the north side of campus is planned. Conceptual plans are in progress. The University is seeking a project that would house many more students than can be accommodated in the existing low density apartment-style halls.

Q.  Who do I call if I have a complaint about student issues (noise, parking, etc.)?

A. For non-emergency issues where an immediate response is needed (disorderly party, etc.) please call the Orange Police Department dispatch at 714-744-7444. For concerns about student behavior (litter, parking, a pattern of chronic disturbances, etc.), please call the Office of Community Relations at (714) 289-2097 or email us at

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